Why play board games?

So, you’ve just had a baby. Sleep is precious and leaving the house is a big deal. The local library runs rhyme time twice a week and the new parents meet-up is only once a week, so you’ve got a lot of time to fill. You feel like your mind is fading away from lack of use and you want to do something more active than watching a film. Frankly, I’m surprised that board games aren’t available on the NHS.

This is exactly where we found ourselves. We played quite a lot of board games before having a baby (see exhibit A: the photo of our most-played games) so it feels instinctive to reach for them once the first terrors of responsibility faded. Some things seemed pretty obvious: no games with tiny little pieces which babies could take and swallow. Other things were a bit more hazy: how well can I play a card game when I’ve only got one hand? So we set out to play a whole load of games, and as we were playing them, thought we might as well review them from a baby-centric perspective.

Most of the games we play are table-top based, often with a board, multiple pieces and/or cards, and several stages of play. Some of these are co-operative, where all the players work together to beat the game. Most work for two players (you parents!) or a few more (invite your friends round!), and some work for one player (feeling bored in the middle of the day?). They are definitely more exciting than Monopoly.

Starting when our baby is about two months old, we’ll be blogging about the games we’ve played, how we liked them, and how baby-friendly they were. We hope you enjoy the blog.


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