Breastfeeding is hard. Apparently some babies are naturals (my mum says my sister came out, took a deep breath, and immediately latched on), but ours wouldn’t open her mouth properly for the first week. Much lanolin cream later, we’ve worked it out, but for those first weeks I was practically feeding non-stop. Wherever I sat down I needed a pillow to put the baby on. It seemed to never end.

So, one of the first challenges I had to face was breastfeeding at the table. If I fed her and tried to put her down in a Moses basket she’d start crying – partly because she wanted more milk, and partly because she didn’t want to be so far away. (It was about three feet away, but I’m guessing she needed the reassurance.) The only answer was to keep her on the pillow on my lap.

Based on my experience (of one specific baby), my suggestions are:

A) Use a really firm pillow. Ours are actually four Argos value pillows stuffed into one pillow case. It takes a bit of effort to get them in there, and you’ll need to pull them at the ends to make them all lie flat, but it works beautifully.

B) Put a muslin over the pillow. Scrunch it up a bit behind the baby’s head, so it won’t bang against the table. I needed to do this a couple of times before I learnt…

C) Put a muslin over you. The last thing you want mid-game is to need to get up and change your clothes due to baby sick.

D) Think about using a footstool. You might want to raise the level of your knees, so the baby isn’t constantly threatening to roll away from you.

E) Sit in a chair where no one is going to be brushing past you. If you need to get up it’s going to be a big thing anyway, so disturbing a few extra people isn’t going to matter.

That’s pretty much it – hopefully you can now play your game over the top of your feeding/sleeping baby! Good luck…


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