A couple of weekends ago, we were given some garlic bulbs by my Dad. They were growing it in their garden, there were loads of bulbs, needed to be eaten soon, would we like some…well, yes, garlic is lovely. So we took some garlic and set about looking up the most garlicky recipes we could find….


Players: 2-6 Playing time: 20 minutes Cost: £15-20 (ish) Qwirkle was previously my go-to game for picnics. The big colourful pieces are hard to lose, and the simple rules make it perfect for teaching to new players, even after a couple of pints down the pub*. There are 108 tiles – six different colours, six different…

I’m hungry

Baby: I’m hungry, really hungry. Me: Have this one. Baby: No, that one is empty. I’m starving. I think there’s a famine. Me: Ok, have this one. Baby: *sucks for a bit, then throws up a load of undigested milk* Ten minutes later… Baby: I’m hungry, really hungry.


Players: 3-7 Playing time: 45 minutes Cost: £30 (ish) Do you like Cluedo? Do you like Pictionary? If the answer is yes to both, you’ll probably like Mysterium. Even if you don’t like either Cluedo or Pictionary, you may well like Mysterium. The premise of the game is a little unusual. You are each investigating…