Players: 3-7
Playing time: 45 minutes
Cost: £30 (ish)

Do you like Cluedo? Do you like Pictionary? If the answer is yes to both, you’ll probably like Mysterium. Even if you don’t like either Cluedo or Pictionary, you may well like Mysterium.

The premise of the game is a little unusual. You are each investigating a murder, but instead of uncovering the killer, location and weapon through deduction, you do so through interpreting visions or dreams. The way it works is like this: one player takes on the role of the “ghost”, the other players are spiritualist-detectives. The ghost lays out a choice of killers, locations and weapons before the detectives, and then uses elaborate picture cards to try to guide them to the right combination. If you’ve played Dixit then you’ll recognise the style of pictures on these cards.

We played this with another couple with a baby. Apart from the ghost, no one needs to hold cards, so your hands are free for feeding or comforting the baby. There are a few very small pieces made of cardboard, so keep careful hold of those with older babies. The times when all players need to concentrate together are short, and there are only seven of them through the entire game.

Summary: an extraordinarily beautiful game, and one which is quite easy to combine with having a small baby.


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