Players: 1-7
Playing time: about an hour
Cost: £60

Caverna is resource-gathering game. You are all dwarfs (well, actually you’re each a whole family of dwarfs) and you sow crops and dig mines in order to get enough to feed your family each round.

It all sounds a bit like real life, except with more farmyard animals and more rubies. There’s clearly no co-sleeping in Caverna, as in order to have a baby dwarf you first need to build them their own room. You can also send the baby dwarf out to work immediately, and if one of your dwarfs chooses to be an adventurer then they get automatic career progression.

Let’s be honest – with all the small pieces, this isn’t a game safe for small grabby hands. The reason there’s a review of it here is that it’s that rare thing: a game which actually works with one person. And if, like me, you suddenly find yourself with a soundly sleeping baby and a couple of hours in the middle of the day, it’s perfect.

Summary: if you’re a gamer who has children, this is great. Not really a beginners’ game though.


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