Helping baby play too

This blog is about babies, and board games, and occasionally what happens when you try to combine the two. For babies the most interesting things about games are how colourful and edible they are, but eventually you (and hopefully they) will want them to use games the way they were intended. To help the transition from ‘baby eats too’ to ‘baby plays too’.

So in the coming weeks we’ll begin another series of posts, alongside the graphs, the games reviews and the tales of parenthood, about which games might be good first ones for the budding gamer you know. Each review will include an extra category, of how easy it is to ‘throw’ the game so that the child can win. We’ll also talk about how to repurpose existing games to make them more child-friendly. Your ideas of good first games are most welcome – we won’t pretend to have tried them all!


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