Forbidden Baby

Many games are based on real-life events, more or less subtly. They might be faithful recreations, like Flash Point‘s impressive rendering of a burning building, or merely inspirations, like Thurn and Taxis, everyone’s favourite game about the origins of the German postal service.

With a baby, a lot of new events come in quick succession. Our kid has decided that mobility is her thing, so we’ve spent a lot of the last few months watching her learn to crawl, and stand, and cruise, and climb stairs. She obviously thinks there’s no point in communicating if you can go over and get the thing yourself, so often the first indication that she’s found something new and interesting is the pad of four feet, followed by an ominous silence as she plays with her new toy. The ‘safe space’ on top of the low chest in our sitting room, in particular, has become smaller and smaller over time.

Which got me thinking about what a good game concept that would be. Trapped, surrounded, with progressively less space and room for manoeuvre as hostile elements close in. Unfortunately, it already exists. It’s Forbidden Island basically.


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