Me: Look how beautiful and sunny it is! Let’s open the back door.
Baby: *stares as if the door has never been opened before*
Me: Do you want to come outside?
Baby: *crawls at breakneck speed towards the door, stopping suddenly in the doorway*
Me: Just a little bit further…
Baby: Oh no. I’m not going any further.
Me: Don’t you want to be outside with the trees and the grass and the sunshine?
Baby: I do…but I don’t want to go through this doorway.
Me: What’s wrong?
Baby: There’s normally a door here. I can’t crawl through just because it’s been taken away.
Me: Why not?
Baby: It’s a threshold. Can’t pass it.
Me: But you pass it every day. I carry you over it.
Baby: That’s different. I’m invited then. Now I have to do it myself. Completely different.
Me: …
Baby: I’m just going to sit in this doorway for a while, getting in your way. Ok?
Me: Ok love. Whatever you need.


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