About us, about the blog

Welcome to our blog! Baby Plays Too is about board games, having a baby, and the types of board games which are suitable for playing while looking after your baby.

We’re writing from our own experience, starting when our baby is about two months old. As she grows we’ll start to blog less about games to play over your baby’s sleeping back and more about games in which your child can be an active participant. These might include games specifically designed for children (hello, Market Day), or might involve using your own games in new ways (such as Carcassonne as a free-style jigsaw).

Read the first post of the blog here, or visit the blog homepage here.

We’re Oliver and Jess, and our baby was born in summer 2016. We have day jobs in political campaigning (working on issues for charities, not for political parties), and playing board games is a hobby of ours. We’re also interested in creating games. Jess is currently working on a game about members of the cabinet betraying their leader, while Oliver is thinking about a children’s game involving llamas. At our current rate of progress, you’ll have to wait some years before either of these see the light of day.

However, we are selling one game! Unable, Unwilling is a card game created by our excellent friends Sally and Tom. It’s about the Quaker nominations process, but will be instantly familiar to anyone involved with an overly-bureaucratic organisation, whether it’s a church, a council, a school, or something else entirely.


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