Buy the game

Buy Unable, Unwilling for £16 a copy plus postage at cost price. For orders of 10 or more copies, £14 each plus postage at cost price.

Email with your postal address and number of copies you want and we’ll get it sorted.

What’s the price in other currencies?
Copies of the game currently cost £16.00, €22.00, CHF 26.00 or $28.00. Discounts available for bulk purchase of 10 or more copies. For other currencies, please contact

Why does it cost more in dollars or euros?
The company is based in the UK and all costs are incurred in pounds sterling. The higher costs for other currencies are partly to protect us against exchange rate fluctuations and partly to keep the numbers simple. We may change the prices if the exchange rate changes significantly, but will mark these prominently for at least a month following any change.

What about postage and packaging?
In all cases we charge the actual postage and packaging costs – we make no money on this. The only exception is when exchange rate variations mean that the quoted price no longer matches up to reality.

How do I pay once I’ve contacted you?
We accept direct bank transfers or PayPal (we’ll give you the details). Cheques also work, but there aren’t many people using them these days.

Why can’t I buy it through the website?
We’re working on it, but we’re a very small outfit with other day jobs. We do promise to respond to email enquiries ASAP.